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Published Peer Reviewed Publications

Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

PhD Student, September 2013-June 2018 (projected)


Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Masters in Political Science, October 2009 - December 2011

Magna cum Laude


Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

B.A. Politics and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, September 2005 - December 2008

Summa cum Laude with High Departmental Honors in Politics


Isserman, N., Hollander-Goldfein, B., and Horwitz, S. N., (November 2017). Challenges for Aging Holocaust Survivors and Their Children: The Impact of Early Trauma on Aging. Journal of Religion, Spirituality, & Aging.


Huddy, L., Mason, L. and Horwitz, S.N., (2016). Political Identity Convergence: On Being Latino, Becoming a Democrat, and Getting Active. RSF.


Horwitz, S. N., & Nir, L. (2014). How politics-news parallelism invigorates partisanship strength. International Political Science Review, 1, 15.


Isserman, N., B. Hollander-Goldfein and S. N. Horwitz. (March 2013)  “In Their Own Words – Survivor War and Late Life Coping Strategies.” Kavod Journal.

Work Experience

2013-Current        Stony Brook University                                                                                   Stony Brook, NY

                             Research Assistant and Lecturer

  • Design and implementation of behavioral experiments

  • Creation and analysis of large data sets

  • Course design and lecture preparation for undergraduate students

  • R, STATA, SPSS, Qualtrics, and Amazon Mechanical Turk


2009 – 2013         Israel Democracy Institute, The Guttman Center                                             Jerusalem, Israel

                             Research Assistant

  • Maintenance of SPSS data archives

  • Democracy Education Project to promote a democracy and civics curriculum in Israel

  • Israel National Elections Studies and Israeli Elections Compass 2013


2006 – 2008,         Transcending Trauma Research Project                                                        Philadelphia, PA

2011- 2013            Research Assistant

  • Psycho-social qualitative research that interviewed holocaust survivors and families to study coping mechanisms, transmission of Jewish identity, and political beliefs

  • Qualitative coding of interviews using a node program (Nvivo/NUD*IST


2013-2018 Graduate Council Fellowship, Stony Brook University; 2009-2010 Dean’s Award, Hebrew University; 2009-2010 Rector’s Award, Hebrew University; Phi Beta Kappa, Mu Chapter, Brandeis University; 2005-2009 National Merit Scholar Award; 2005-2009 Presidential Scholar, Brandeis University; 2005-2009 Dean’s List, Brandeis University

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